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Jackson Twesigye Kaguri Is Uganda’s CNN HERO For 2012 | Founder Of The Nyaka AIDS Foundation 0

According to UNICEF estimates, 1.2 million children in Uganda have lost a parent to an AIDS-related illness. One man is dedicating himself to making the lives of those children better.

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Derreck Kayongo, a Ugandan is CNN HERO, TOP 10 2011, Global Soap Project CEO 8

Derreck Kayongo’s journey from child refugee to fearless visionary is filled with moments of inspiration (along with the benefits of

Rose Nanyonga, An Anti-Child Sacrifice Advocate and Ambassador for the Poor 4

In 1989, as a young girl, Rose Nanyonga was forced to leave her family’s village in Uganda. She was alone

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Meet Elijah Kitaka | Program Manager who runs entrepreneurship in Sub Saharan Africa at Google 0

Interview | Googler Elijah Kitaka Talks About Startup Launch Google recently launched an initiative called Startup Launch which is aimed at helping startups succeed globally. I talked to Elijah Kitaka

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Fashion Designer Martha Jabo Returns to the Diaspora Gala After Bagging Several Awards This Year 0

Born and raised in Kampala Uganda, Martha Jabo has always been inspired by her late mother in the field of

Guvnor-Uganda | The Biggest Ugandan Diaspora Homecoming Official After Party Venue 0

As part of the Diaspora Homecoming 2014 list of activities the Diaspora community that will be in Kampala for Christmas

Comedian Herbert Mendo Segujja a.k.a Seevo to Feature at The Diaspora Gala 2014 Edition 0

Herbert Ssegujja also known as Mendo is a 29 year old Ugandan Professional Standup, Sketch and Improvisation Comedian with fun

Ugandan Judge Samuel Lungole Awich | Who Has Served On the Supreme Court of Belize 0

Samuel Lungole Awich is a Commonwealth jurist, whose career has taken him from his native Uganda to Botswana, the Solomon

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