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Jackson Twesigye Kaguri Is Uganda’s CNN HERO For 2012 | Founder Of The Nyaka AIDS Foundation 1

According to UNICEF estimates, 1.2 million children in Uganda have lost a parent to an AIDS-related illness. One man is dedicating himself to making the lives of those children better.

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Derreck Kayongo, a Ugandan is CNN HERO, TOP 10 2011, Global Soap Project CEO 8

Derreck Kayongo’s journey from child refugee to fearless visionary is filled with moments of inspiration (along with the benefits of

Rose Nanyonga, An Anti-Child Sacrifice Advocate and Ambassador for the Poor 4

In 1989, as a young girl, Rose Nanyonga was forced to leave her family’s village in Uganda. She was alone

Ugandan Lukiah Mulumba, US Air Force Officer at rank of Captain 129

When high school sweethearts Lukiah Nakabembe and Abdullah Mulumba moved to the US and started a life together, neither knew

NAACP Image Award Nominee, Ugandan Musician, Omega Bugembe Okello 3

Not only does this East African Diva burst on the world music scene with a unique name, but she also

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Featured Ugandans

Don’t Miss | The Diaspora Homecoming Event of The Year 2015 – Wednesday Dec 30th From 6pm Onwards! 0

On Wednesday Dec 30th at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Ballroom, the Ugandan Diaspora Network will host its 5th annual Uganda Diaspora Gala in a glamorous event that will attract Diaspora

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Victor Ochen, The Youngest African, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 0

The Youngest African Nominated For a Nobel Peace Prize has confirmed he will attend the 5th annual Ugandan Diaspora Gala

Dr Lennie Bazira Igbodipe-Kyomuhangi Interim CEO (Amref Health Africa) AMREF 3

Dr Lennie Bazira Igbodipe-Kyomuhangi is Amref Health Africa’s Country Director for Kenya. She is a health economist with a Masters

Dr. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige (BMK) – recipient of the Diaspora Lifetime Award 2014 3

  Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, commonly known as BMK, is a Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur and hotel owner. He is one of

Meet Elijah Kitaka | Program Manager who runs entrepreneurship in Sub Saharan Africa at Google 0

Interview | Googler Elijah Kitaka Talks About Startup Launch Google recently launched an initiative called Startup Launch which is aimed

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