Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event ~ Showcasing Ugandan Fashion Designer ~ Katasi KIRONDE

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By Katasi Kironde~ My Biography

I am the daughter of the late Ambassador Apollo Kironde.  I was born in Kampala but grew up in London.

I trained at Chelsea College of Art and then went to the famed Central Saint Martins School of Design. From there I spent a year inCaliforniaworking for a renowned interior designer. I came back in theUKand continued to work within interiors and contemporary decorative arts and particularly designing bespoke rugs and carpets for high end luxury interiors and yachts. I love chic clothing have done some fashion modelling in the past so I recently ventured into fashion design spurred by a desire to create unique yet classic pieces that would fit into today’s elegant woman’s wardrobe.

I have always embraced all facets of design. Amongst other things, I draw inspiration from nature, art, my Ugandan heritage as well as the influence of the West. Turner paintings calm me, Mozart thrills me and Paul Kafero makes me nostalgic. I grew up on the one hand reading novels by the Bronte sisters and on the other hand practicing Ugandan culture by kneeling for my elders at home. My father saw to it that flute practice was mandatory in place of the daily TV soaps my siblings and I craved at the time. I enjoy keeping fit, painting, music and amateur dramatics. I love the excitement of speed and plan to obtain a racing licence in the future. I loveUgandaand I recently co-presented the very first Ugandan Convention in theUK.

My ethos is to create a brand is synonymous with quality and luxury. I take great deal of care to ensure that each garment is made to the highest standards, using the finest silks. What distinguishes my brand from all the others is that I design my own fabrics. Presently, all the fabrics and dresses are made inEnglandbut I plan on working with local Ugandan producers in the future. I use mostly silk because I love its texture and drape, and it is perfect for all climates.

I create garments that are luxurious with an exotic hint of ethnicity yet classic in style, so that they flatter all shapes and sizes. I veer away from the overtly conceptual and prefer to make clothing which is wearable by all. Some of my dresses are perfect forAscotand such like.  I also offer a bespoke service; any garment can be made in alternative fabrics within the collection, or altered according to a client’s wishes. I aim to please.

In the past I have worked with renowned photographers such as Bryan Wharton, he spent many years working for the Sunday Times, Carlos Lumiere an outstanding fashion photographer as well as known stylists like Mike Adler. I have organised shows duringLondonfashion week and I am working on a project which provides a platform for aspiring talented designers. Alongside this I have other charitable work inKampalain the pipeline.

My aspiration is to diversify my product range and create a lasting, trusted brand that is mark of style, quality and creative Ugandan talent.

Check out some samples from Katasi’s Clothing line and Fashion Design. Join us on December 29th, at Serena Hotel, to see more of her work.


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    Art! Is always the beauty of life,Pls keep it up and be blessed.

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