Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Gala, 2011 ~ Photo Highlights ~ Thank You for Attending!!

Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Gala, 2011 ~ Photo Highlights ~ Thank You for Attending!!

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We would like to thank each and everyone of you that came out to support the celebration of our fellow Ugandans, at the Serena Hotel, on December 29th, during the First Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event. You made the event a great success. Thanks to all our Sponsors who supported us financially and in Kind, thank you PIBID/Tooke for a delicious Dinner, and to Orange for their Platinum sponsorship. We appreciate the support and partnership offered by the Uganda Investment Authority and the Diaspora Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to all our Entertainers and Fashion Designers, your participation made the event so beautiful. Thank you Stella Atal for the Decorations and Fenon Entertainment for the sound and lighting.  We had a wonderful time and we were honored to have you  all as our guests. We welcome you to join us again this year for the 2nd Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event in December as part of the 6th Home is Best Summit.


In her opening remarks to the attendees, the Ugandan Diaspora Patron Prof. Dr. Maggie Kigozi welcomed the diaspora community to the first Social Networking event. The chief guest at the function was Uganda’s Vice President, His excellence Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi who reiterated the government’s position on the continued support for Diaspora affairs. Other speakers included, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Ambassador James Mugume who informed his audience that in recognition of the Diaspora constituency and it’s value to Uganda, the Ministry had established a one stop center called the Diaspora Unit headed by Ms. Bati Kawooya to cater for the Diaspora needs.

Katwsi Alibaruho's Dad and Mom receive his recognition.


The highlight of the evening was the recognition of the various honorees who have made outstanding achievements in the Diaspora. Among these was Mr. Kwatsi Alibaruho, the first African American to lead a mission into space as NASA’s Flight Director, who was represented by his parents Mr. George and Gloria Alibaruho.

Lady Justice Julia Sebutinde who was recently voted to the International Court of Justice bench becoming the very first African Woman to achieve that position.

Dr. Shaka Ssali, the Managing Editor of Voice of America’s [VOA] English to Africa Service and the host of Straight Talk which airs on WBS Television every Wednesday at 9:30. Captain Lukiah Mulumba, an active member in the US Air Forces was recognized for her contribution and role in helping create awareness of the Sickle Cell disease in Uganda while actively serving in the US Air force.

A touching moment with Captain Lukiah talking about the support her Dad had given her through Education and love.


Though absent, Bishop John Tucker Sentamu, who is the second most powerful clergyman in the Anglican Communion was also honored for his role as leading spiritual leader today.

Dr. Munini Mulera a regular columnist with the Monitor Newspaper got recognised for his contribution in the field of Pediatric Health in Toronto, Canada.

Another Medical doctor who has made a difference in the field of Public Health was Dr. Sarah Matovu in whose house the first UNAA Meeting was held in the State of Georgia.

Mr. Derreck Kayongo one of the top 10 finalists at this year’s 2011 CNN-Heroes was also among the people celebrated and his family was able to recieve his award.

Omega Bugembe Okello an accomplished Musician also got recognised for her contribution in the field of art and music. Rose Nanyonga though absent and doing a PHD at Yale University was recognised for her work in helping start the Nursing School at International Hospital Kampala.

Xenson showcasing his Art and Fashion Design


The evening was also full of exceptional entertainment that saw designers like Kironde Katasi, Solome Katongole, Stella Atal and Xenson showcase some of their best fashions for 2012. Among the performers that took to the stage were Qwela Band, Omega Bugembe, Nick Nola, Michael Ross, Cecca Mutumba a reggae artist based in stockholm sweden. US based DJs Bernarzo from Maine and DJD from Maryland were on hand to spin the wheels of steel.

Omega Bugembe Okello gave a riveting performance from her Gospel and World Album. She serenaded her husband to great applause.


Here are some more photo highlights from the Social Networking event Dinner. We look forward to a great event this year and welcome all of you to join us in Celebrating Uganda’s success stories abroad and at home. Be sure to register to receive a Free copy of the Ugandan Diaspora Magazine featuring many more stories from the Diaspora.


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Ugandan Diaspora Team
Ugandan Diaspora Team

The Uganda Diaspora Network is a forum aimed at bringing together Ugandans who live and work abroad by celebrating their contributions overseas and also encouraging them to give of their time, talents, ideas and expertise whilst inspiring the next generation of Ugandan leaders. Every year the Ugandan Diaspora Network will organize an annual Social Networking Gala and will also produce a quarterly publication highlighting the successes of the various Ugandans residing overseas. Please send us those inspirational stories and philanthropic work involving Ugandans abroad. We shall share these stories using this platform that is rapidly growing and expanding. The Next Diaspora Social Networking Gala will be Held on 30th December 2016 at The Kampala Serena Hotel.

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  1. Katongole Johnny
    January 15, 02:25 #1 Katongole Johnny

    I would like to thank everyone who putted in more effort to organize this occasion of Uganda Daspora to occur.
    Thanks for recognize those people because they have played a big part by helping others and even promoting their talents

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  2. Becky
    January 17, 02:45 #2 Becky

    Ugandan Diaspora!!!
    Thank you sooo much for everything you do. I have enjoyed reading the different articles and the photographs, I love the videos, the colors are absolutely A++++. I love your STYLE period!!
    I cannot believe that Ugandans like yourselves are the ones that have put together what I think is a must read. You make us super proud!! Thank you, thank you for creating such wonderful work.
    I am hooked and feel good about it!

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  3. Geoffrey Baluku
    January 28, 21:31 #3 Geoffrey Baluku

    Thanks Solomon. Will be there this year

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  4. Christopher Muganga Kato
    March 10, 08:10 #4 Christopher Muganga Kato

    Ronnie your innovativeness acumen and your charisma to see things through was more than ever before exhibited in the success of this Uganda diaspora net working session.

    We look forward to seeing it yearly with unprecedented betterment.

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  5. Geoffrey Baluku
    June 27, 05:15 #5 Geoffrey Baluku

    Can u send me some links for hotels near the convention centre

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  6. Mujuni Benard
    August 08, 06:03 #6 Mujuni Benard

    This initiative is highly recommended!Thank you guys!Had expected to attend the UNAA Convention but seems may not make it…as some one in charge of Labour issues in Uganda, there is lots that we can do this December…please let us know how we can synergize!
    AC/Labour Inspectorate

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  7. Owek. Dr. Jones Y. Kyazze
    December 22, 10:41 #7 Owek. Dr. Jones Y. Kyazze

    A Ugandan, having lived in different countries of the diaspora including, UK, Senegal, France, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and USA (New York) for 35 years before coming home in 2004, I congratulate you guys for coming home with such a big show in view,

    You may find it a good idea to have a formalized structure at home for cooperation and liaison purposes. I am ready to attend the Gala on 30th December and Should you have a similar “do” abroad in the future, I would be ready and happy to attend it, now that I am as free as air.

    Good luck and see you on 30th at Kampala-Serena.


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    ngabuli kimu mukyakikolera mu nnimi zabafuzi b’Amatwale temulinayo lulimi lwonna luva mu uganda lwemuyinza kutunnyonnyoleramu bintu bino netubitegeera? Enjegere z’Abanyunyusi zikyatumyumyula? nandigadde nnyo okubeera mu serena nga30 dec naye natula muli nga kifananyi .munatukyusizaamu nga bwebakola munkiiko eziri ku mutindo?mu lumu ku nnimi enzaliranwa?Eno gyendi buli lwebambuza nti mwogera lulimi ki nti Lungereza ,bambuza nti muli Bangereza obatemwefuganga muli mu nkwawa za Bungereza a aaaa twefuga dda emyaka 50 agayise!!!!

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