Ugandan Lukiah Mulumba, US Air Force Officer at rank of Captain

Ugandan Lukiah Mulumba, US Air Force Officer at rank of Captain

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When high school sweethearts Lukiah Nakabembe and Abdullah Mulumba moved to the US and started a life together, neither knew of any sickle cell disease sufferers in their families. The sickle cell is an abnormal red blood cell that has a crescent shape and an abnormal form of haemoglobin.

Unknown to the Mulumbas, they were both carriers of the cell. This combination gives a 25 per cent chance of begetting a child who will suffer from sickle cell anaemia, a 25 per cent chance of a perfectly normal child, and a 50 per cent chance of getting a carrier. Three days after the birth of their first born daughter, Miriam, they were informed that she was a sickler.

Mariam Carol Zawedde Mulumba is now ten years old and has completed her second full year free of sickle cell anaemia.

Sickle cell anaemia sufferers and their families have to grapple with the overwhelming effects of the disease. The deeply-rooted stigma causes families in Uganda to sometimes hide their sick for fear of being labelled as cursed and excluded from social functions. Intimate relationships with any member of family that has a sufferer are avoided.

“I knew how sicklers were treated in Uganda. They were regarded as walking corpses. That I had given birth to one was very painful because I knew she would suffer all her life, having to take medicine. I cried and I was depressed. The baby was so ill, I sometimes thought of poisoning myself and leaving the suffering behind. I wished that I had aborted her before she was born,” Ms Mulumba, a captain in the US Airforce recalls.

She has dedicated her life to making a difference and raising awareness to the Struggles of living with Sickle cells.

BIOGRAPHY: Captain Lukiah Mulumba

Name: Lucky Lukiah Mulumba, RN, Captain, USAF, MSN, FNP
Citizenship: American (Ugandan-American)
Birth Country: Uganda
Profession: Critical Care Nurse for 10 years now.
Career: US Air force military officer at rank of Captain

Formal Education:
May 2009 – Master’s Degree in Nursing (Specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner) – Stony Brook University, New York
May 2000 – Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing – The Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C.
Secondary School – Ndejje senior secondary school, Uganda
Primary School – Namugongo girls’ primary boarding school, Uganda

Military Education:
March 2005 – Diploma, Air Force Commissioned Officer Training School – Maxwell, Alabama
October 2010 – Diploma, Squadron Officer School resident program – Maxwell, Alabama
I joined the United States Air Force (USAF) in 2005 through the officer Accession program. I was immediately commissioned at a rank of second lieutenant.

Awards/Medals / Memberships:

  • Air Force Outstanding Award
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Global war on Terrorism Service Medal
  • Top Ladies of Distinction Inc Award. Annual Spirit Awards in Health and community Service
  • Member – Sigma Theta Tau International, Kappa GAMMA Chapter
  • Member- American Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Member – American Nurses Association
  • President & Founder – Uganda-American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund
  • Board of Directors – Uganda-American Sickle Cell Rescue, Kampala branch

Marital Status:
I am happily married to a wonderful man called Mr. Mulumba Abudallah. He is and has been my hero during the difficult times or trials when our daughter Carol battled with sickle cell disease. My husband is another man behind my strength during these trials and success of the sickle cell cause. We have three beautiful children: a girl Carol Marriam Zawedde 9 years old, a boy Mark Kanabi, 7 years old, and a girl Aliah Naginda who is three years old.

Carol Mulumba (left) thanks RNs Gloria Muniz and Star Ross for caring for her after her bone marrow transplant a year ago. Her 6-year-old brother Mark, second from the right, donated his bone marrow to help cure his sister of sickle cell anemia.


Carol underwent a series of chemotherapy treatments, antibiotics, several blood transfusions, and multiple diagnostic tests in preparation to cure her sickle cell disease that had claimed her life. On October 28th 2008, Carol underwent a bone marrow and cord blood transplant to cure sickle cell disease. Today, the US Air Force in conjuction with civilian doctors continue to inform us that Carol’s DNA indicates 0% sickle cell free and 100% donor blood.

The procedure was over 250,000 dollars which was 100% paid for by the US Air force. I am so grateful to God and the US Air force family. I am devoted to use Carol’s experience and my blessing in America to continue helping God’s suffering sickle cell disease patients in Uganda.

Current work/profession:
First of all, I feel myself quite blessed to be part of the US Air Force the most technologically advanced and professional fighting machine in the world. I am an officer at rank of Captain. I serve on active duty. I am currently attached to the adult intensive care Flight. I am proud to serve my country “America” and to give back to America for what it has enabled me to be who I am today.

History of my humanitarian work:
I donate 85% of my leisure time to sickle cell disease community. My first born daughter called Carol Marriam Zawedde who is 9 years old now was diagnosed of sickle cell disease in 2001 at the age of three days old. Since her diagnosis, she went through multiple hospitalizations with complex diagnostic studies and procedures. Most of these hospital visits were very painful and emotionally draining for me and my entire family. We experienced sleepless nights, stayed up late administering narcotics to my angel just to eradicate her sickle cell pain crisis. There were times when oral Morphine, Dilaudid, Tylenol with codeine, Motrin, and heat pads could not relieve her pain at home. For several times, we traveled in the mid-nights to take little Carol to several emergency rooms.

One day in 2005, I realized that I was so fortunate that my daughter was born in the United States because she is able to access the latest medical interventions in sickle cell disease management known to any man in the world. Also, I was so distrouted to learn that sickle cell disease in Uganda was a forgotten enemy where by sickle cell patients are ostracized where the basic pain management protocols are missing. I realized I had to do something. I got in touch with the local sickle cell association of Uganda. The best way to help was to form a non profit organization called “Uganda –American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund” (UASCRF) that would serve as conduit of assistance to the Uganda sickle cell disease cause.

UASCRF “work towards the improvement of the general quality of life for people with sickle cell disease through treatment, fighting against the stigma associated with the disease, providing education and information on sickle disease management”

Carol plays the violin for, from left to right, Dr. Michael Grimley, mother Lukiah Mulumba, Dr. Veronica Jude, Transplant Coordinator Denise Lim, brother Mark and father Abudallah Mulumba.


Since the opening of the UASCRF with the help of our supporters and well wishers, I have contributed to help sickle cell disease sufferers in Uganda in these ways as follows: The first problem I solved was to buy a van to alleviate transportation problems the local Sickle Cell Association faces. 80% of the money came from my family and the rest were donations from well wishers here. Following my visit to Uganda in early 2008, and touring of the Sickle Cell Clinic and the Association offices, I was so surprised to find the clinic in deplorable situation. There was patient overflow, luck of any equipment. This is a dilapidated building made of plywood with mold and fungi growing in all crevices. The pediatric and adult patients were all seen in the same small space without privacy. There was no electricity, no running water, and most certainly no political will to change the situation quo.

As a result of our noise and increased awareness, the government of Uganda donated money through the Sickle Cell initiative to construct the current sickle cell center. Although it is not spacious but it is more appropriate for the patients. I realized that the sickle cell community needs to have a center with clinics, counseling, and training facilities. In addition, there was no land to build such a center in Uganda. I therefore decided to donate land for this purpose. I am happy to report that the ground breaking ceremony took place August 2008. I have also done counter-less interviews to the local, electronic, and print media that has helped to give sickle cell disease in Uganda a front line. I have also been assisting the local Sickle Cell Association of Uganda both financially and material. I funded the first sickle cell disease documentary which should be airing on local TV after its remake.

During my last visit to Uganda in August 2010, I sponsored a one week sickle cell awareness week in Kampala region. My husband and I donated one week and taught sickle cell disease management standards in America verses Uganda to Mulago medical staff and nursing students, Nsambya nursing students and medical staff, Kibuli medical staff, and Rubaga medical staff and nursing school. I also presented to Kampala international University. I was also involved in the sickle cell ground breaking at Kawanda. I sponsored the first sickle cell walk which started from Mulago hospital to Kampala city square and back. We ended with the sickle cell children’s party where we fed 1000 people including sickle cell patients and their children and families. Each sick patient received a plate of food, 2 sodas, 1 bottle of water, a bag of gifts donated from US Air Force well wishers and other well wishers. There was free entertainment for the children from their favorite local singer “Eddie Kenzo”. Lastly, we are in the process of opening our local branch in Kampala.

Always remember your origin, take a moment to thank God for what He has on plate for you. Also never give up striving for what He has in store for you! I have always been a naturally caring, down-to-earth, aggressive, strong, focused, hard working, and a perfectionist woman. To my fellow American-Ugandans, life is full of challenges, but each comes with a great lesson to enhance your process of moving to another step. Thank you God, America, Air force, Uganda, my dear parents and family, Kiiti village residents for helping me fly on your shoulders. Because of you, I am who I am today and others get to share my sweats.

Captain Lukiah will be one of our Honored Guests at the First Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event on December 29th, at the Serena Hotel. Join us as we celebrate her inspirational work and testimony about a disease that is such a stigma in Uganda.

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  1. Nancy Twesige
    April 21, 14:13 #1 Nancy Twesige

    Captain Mulumba you are such an insipiration to me and to our generation in general. The legacy you have created will be a guiding light to the future gererations. The virtues of being down to earth, so understanding and the desire to go an extra mile to help those in need, speak as loud as the work you are doing.
    We thank God for what a wonderful family you are to world.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:32 Lukiah

      Dear Nancy,
      Thank you fo your kind words. I am so grateful to God for what I can do for others. God has been good to me and my family both here in US and in my native country Uganda. I hope one day to end the sickle cell suffering in Uganda and the world.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Selina Olwanda - Ogweno
    April 21, 15:26 #2 Selina Olwanda - Ogweno

    Dear Lukiah and family, Your story and what you do has been a great inspiration for many of us in Kenya. We have learnt a lot from your achievements and you are always in our prayers.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:29 Lukiah

      Dear Selina,

      Thank you for your support. I am so grateful to God. I hope once day, sickle cell will have a new face. We are praying for you too.

      Reply to this comment
      • Pato
        November 25, 07:22 Pato

        Banaye, nyabo ne Sebo.
        Tubatukirira,tutyo ku Simu? I have ebibuuzo,bingi. Munyambe,bambi.

        Reply to this comment
      • Pato
        November 25, 08:35 Pato

        Banaye, nyabo ne Sebo.
        Tubatukirira,tutyo ku Simu? I have ebibuuzo,bingi,Kubulwaadde buno obwa Sickle Cell.

        Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:36 Lukiah

      Dear Selina,
      We love you guys in Kenya! We are sorry to hear the suffering due to sickle cell disease and its complications in Kenya. We hope our story can bring hope to so many families affected by sickle cell disease. We are praying for you too. Due to traffic of e-mails form Kenya, Marriam is planning to visit Kenya sometime next year to tell her story to kids.
      God bless dear.

      Reply to this comment
  3. KaTAMBA
    April 24, 18:43 #3 KaTAMBA

    Am touched by Capatin Mulumba’s efforts to give back to her country in her fight against Sickle cells.
    Am really inspired by her courage and enthusiasm, not many do that especailly in times when, like you know your kid is suffering from a life threatening sickness.

    Everyone, me and you out there we must come out to and give a helping hand in anay way possible so as to save lives.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:36 Lukiah

      Dear Mr. Katamba,
      Thank you so much for the support. As a mother to a sickle cell survivor, I know and I cannot imagine what a mother in Kumi or Lira care for her loved one with sickle cell. This disease is the worst thing any child can experience. My daughter’s sickle cell pain crisi often reminded me of a natural child birth pain/contractions. This is why I ask God every day to help me and you plus others to join hands and make a difference in Uganda. The problem is so huge! Kids are loosing lives in the villages everyday due to sickle cell. I hope day Uganda will have facilities like those in US and be able to care for these little ones. God bless you.

      Reply to this comment
      • höhe hauskredit einkommen
        February 11, 11:13 höhe hauskredit einkommen

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      • Jane
        August 31, 23:39 Jane

        You both are doing a great job. I am Nigerian mother with sickle cell child and have no access to any of these programmes. Wish I can get help for my child too. Thank you so much

        Reply to this comment
  4. Rev. Jessica Nakawombe
    April 25, 15:01 #4 Rev. Jessica Nakawombe

    Bannange Nakabembe Lukia nga twesiimye okubeera naawe. Congratulations Captain. Wow! Your achievements are so many and varied. I am proud of you as a Ugandan woman who has broken through many glass ceilings. You such an inspiration to all women. Thanks to your husband Mr. Mulumba, who has been with you in it all. He is a special man as well and an inspiration to all Ugandan men. My request to you is to reach out through our Communities in USA and encouragement and mentor as many. I am also glad that you have no forgotten where you came from. Keep your culture and iientity intact as well and teach them to your children.
    Bakukuza bulungi ddala.
    God bless you all.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:42 Lukiah

      Dear Rev,

      Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. The sickle cell struggle continues and especially in Uganda. My husband and I have been reaching out to communities here in USA. We often educate people about sickle cell disease and also related to our personal story and how God helped us pull through. Mainly, every thing resolved around God. He cured our daughter. We MUST strive to help those in Uganda and around the world too. If you want us to present to your community, please, feel free to send us an e-mail.

      Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:54 Lukiah

      Dear Rev Nakawombe,

      Thank you for your kind words. Everything is possibe with the love of God. God has been so good to me and my family. All we have achieved is due to God’s love and mercy on us. He has given me and my family a chance to reach out to those affected by sickle cell in Uganda. As amother to a sickle cell survivor, I cannot imagine what a mother in Masaka, Kumi district, or Arua go through on a daily basis to make ends meet while caring for a sickle cell child. This is the driving force of my mission. Lastly, we occasionaly go to communities in the US teaching people about sickle cell disease and sharing our story. Marriam has just presented to a group of staff members at a company in San Bruno, California. Please feel free to request us for a presentation in your area. God bless you. Lukiah

      Reply to this comment
  5. carol marriam mulumba
    April 27, 00:43 #5 carol marriam mulumba

    Mom I’m so proud of what you are doing for all the kids with sickle cell in Uganda. I hope they get cured like I did and that their future is bright. Mom we love you keep up the good work Carol, Mark , Aliah, and Daddy.

    Reply to this comment
  6. sabrina kamau
    April 27, 01:49 #6 sabrina kamau

    WAo! This is a moving story of courage and determination Hoping beyond Hope! Wish you God’s best Mulumbas. You will bring hope to so many in Uganda and other parts of Africa where the disease is prevalent. Sabrina, Mombasa Kenya

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:25 Lukiah

      Hello Sabrina,
      My daughter once battled sickle cell disease. I cannot imagine relaxing here in America forgeting the children who are still battling sickle cell monster back in Uganda and the rest of world. I am in the fight and promised God to win it with flying colors. We are determined to destroy the sickle cell monster.

      Reply to this comment
      • nuru bashir
        February 25, 14:35 nuru bashir

        hey , its nuru bashir i know you dont remember me but i just wanted to congratulate you on the work you have been doing and its a great cause keep up the good work ,


        Reply to this comment
  7. Rev Joseph Kamugisha
    April 27, 02:39 #7 Rev Joseph Kamugisha

    Dear Captain Lukia Mulumba, i’m personally grateful and blesed to have met you a few years ago. Ever since our first interaction, i have learnt a lot from you and most especially, humbled to to know that you are a re true servant of the people, whom you have serveed both in your adopted country and in your mother land, with such great faithfulness, commitement and high value of dignity and respect. May the good Lord continue to bless you in every step of your way.
    Joseph Kamugisha

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:20 Lukiah

      Dear Rev,

      Thank you for your kind words. Our work towards the sickle cell fight in Uganda has been possible because of God’s love. I hope one day, children in Uganda will claim their health back from the stupid sickle cell monster.

      Reply to this comment
  8. Rachel Olwanda
    April 27, 09:45 #8 Rachel Olwanda

    Captain Mulumba, Your story and journey is an inspiration to those of us who have loved ones living with Sickle cell. Thanking for having the courage to turn a sickle into a smile. God Bless you and your family.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:17 Lukiah

      Thank you for your kind words. You and your family are in my prayers. We must KEEP the fight against sickle cell disease suffering.

      Reply to this comment
  9. Chris Kato
    April 28, 06:14 #9 Chris Kato

    Hi Captain,

    It is needless to say that your magnanimous heart, hard work love to humanity and your devoted service to both US and your motherland Uganda are a clear testimony to merit this award that has been bestowed to you by Ugandans in diaspora.

    We are keeping our fingers crossed waiting for that d day when we see you receiving this award. Your contribution towards getting a sickle cell free community is invaluable and i only play that God continues to keep you going so that you can realize your dreams. God bless you, your husband Mr. Mulumba and the entire family.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:45 Lukiah

      Dear Mr. Kato,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am grateful to God for all his blessings! We are who we are today because of His love and blessings. Our daughter is cured and we thank God everyday. But most importantly WE must make sure we put end to the suffering caused by sickle cell disease in Uganda.

      Reply to this comment
  10. Rebecca Namubiru
    May 14, 04:13 #10 Rebecca Namubiru

    I am so very blessed to have read this article May the God Lord Bless the works of your hands

    Reply to this comment
  11. Christine Vanworthe
    May 17, 04:54 #11 Christine Vanworthe

    Good job Lukia I will join you in the campaign sinc Sickle cell took my beloved 11 year old Daughter Gladys after fighting hard and I could not save her.It is a pleasure to see that you have worked hard and to see your daughter sickle cell free, I know exactly what you were going through, it was so sad to see my daughter die in a lot of pain but the Good thing she was strong spiritually and she was with God when she died,she believed and she is an Angel looking down to all these kids suffering from this Genetic killer disease.I hope the cure is found soon.Keep up the good work.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:50 Lukiah

      Dear Christine,
      I am sorry for your loss. I know your daughter is with God. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Please feel free to join the cause. We have to help those who need us MOST! May her soul rest in peace.

      Reply to this comment
  12. Lubwama Steven
    May 28, 20:37 #12 Lubwama Steven

    My testimony about the Mulumba family is long but briefly, these people are down to earth despite the heights they have reached. Captain has said 80 percent of her leisure time for sickle cell but i think its more than that. Despite her busy schedule, she replies people’s emails and keeps every info at her fingertips. Mr. Mulumba is also an amazing man. I am blessed to having met and worked with them.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:44 Lukiah

      Dear Steven,
      Thank you for your kind words. With the love of God, everything is possible. Our daughter Carol “Marriam” was cured from sickle cell anemia. This inspires us more to change the face of sickle cell in Uganda where so many lives are claimed by sickle cell anemia everyday. Every child deserves a good health!

      Reply to this comment
  13. Henry Amigo a student of KIU-WC
    July 09, 03:58 #13 Henry Amigo a student of KIU-WC

    I should only appreciate what God has done to some of our friends thereby we the young generation we have also to work very hard inorder to reach ehere our elders has attained.
    It wil be possible only if I, we trust in the almighty God.

    Reply to this comment
  14. Reen
    July 20, 15:55 #14 Reen

    Hello my darling friend Lukia ……ooooooops “Captain Lukia” what a pleasure to to honor you. I am so proud of you ……

    Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing your blessings. May the Lord continue to blessing you and give more strength to make it through and let your light shine and shine forever.

    I love you always …… ……… To you and your loving family

    Proverbs 11:24-25
    “One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to povety. A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:52 Lukiah

      Reen dear,
      God is great! We all need prayers. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.

      Reply to this comment
  15. Awichu Akwanya
    August 04, 23:34 #15 Awichu Akwanya

    Thanks so much Lucky for the help your giving around the world, most of all our motherland.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:46 Lukiah

      Dear Akwanya,
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
      The sickle cell battle in Uganda continues.

      Reply to this comment
  16. jason
    August 17, 11:44 #16 jason

    wow mam that’s alot of work. right now i can only take my hat off for you and if i could meet you i would even be more greatful because we need a role model like you in some of our lost souls in this world today. im not proud of how far i’ve got to today but after reading about you, im not going to lie i’ve been inspired by you. keep up the good work mam. jason, london uk

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:51 Lukiah

      Hello Jason,
      Thank you for your kind words. Well, someone had to do this work! Some one had to rescue the lives of those claimed by sickle cell anemia in Uganda. Sickle cell is a monster that continues to destroy lives and families of those affected by it. We continue to pray to God that one day, the face of sickle cell patients will change forever in Uganda. Peace, Lukiah

      Reply to this comment
  17. Erica
    August 18, 12:25 #17 Erica

    Captain. Mulumba, what a beautiful worthy cause! Thank you for sharing your hard work with me annd the rest of the world. You are such a magnificent person and I am so grateful that our time at David Grant has coincided! Keep up the good fight. Senior Airman Tant.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:52 Lukiah

      Hello SrA Tent,

      I am glad our story can touch others. But most importantly, I am grateful to God that sickle cell anemia is getting recognized in Uganda. Thank you for your kind words. Peace, Lukiah.

      Reply to this comment
  18. Martha Nalukoola and Sarah Mugerwa
    September 22, 08:34 #18 Martha Nalukoola and Sarah Mugerwa

    Dear Lukia, we are proud to have in the family. God bless the work of your hands. We enjoyed your company we were at Kalangala.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:56 Lukiah

      Dear Mrs. Nalukoola and Mugerwa,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I hope to see you on December 29th. Lukiah

      Reply to this comment
  19. joseph kizza
    September 29, 09:51 #19 joseph kizza

    We appreciate your support to sickle cell patients in uganda.

    God bless u and your family.

    Tukwagala nnyo.

    Reply to this comment
  20. Fredrick Phillip K.
    October 12, 22:51 #20 Fredrick Phillip K.

    Fredrick Phillip K.Hello the Mulumba’s, what an article and experience you went through! It is so touching even though you don’t want to read, it pulls down to tears. Lukia you are God’s send woman to this world. God is behind the scene in everything you are doing, Thank you for allowing Him to use you so that you can reach his people to fight out this evil disease. Tell you what, we are ready to help you and your family in this struggle. May God’s Grace and provisions be upon you all the time.

    Reply to this comment
  21. Mugerwa, California.
    October 20, 03:03 #21 Mugerwa, California.

    Lukiah, sorry for the loss of your Mom even though it’s not now but memories can not go away. When I was reading the Diaspora magazine, I got a chance to read about the effort you put in to help the sicklers in Uganda your motherland. It is such an inspiration for all of us here in the Diaspora, thank you so much for what you do; you’re a God send mother for them. I also got to know that you grew up in Kiiti Village which is close to my village I grew up Jokolera. Your husband I think he has relatives in Busiika after Bugema University for which I know if I’m not wrong.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:40 Lukiah

      Dear Mr. Mugerwa,
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We pray that God continue to give us peace, love, and blessings as we continue the battle against sickle cell disease in Uganda. Peace, Lukiah.

      Reply to this comment
  22. Winfred Sanyu.
    October 23, 23:36 #22 Winfred Sanyu.

    My very beautiful sister, Iam so proud of you !!! God is good all the time,!! This award that you are getting fulfills his promise that ” He will never live you no forsake you “and in his other promise In Isaiah :” He will be with you in the Scorching fire, and in the deep waters .” Congratulations on this award. You are a strong Woman, and May God continue to Reward you, so you go from (GLORY) to ( GLORY) in your fight against Sickle cell..Please Congratulate Carol , Mack,Aliyah and Mr. Mulumba, thank you for loving and having such a great Woman.

    Reply to this comment
  23. dennis walusimbi
    October 25, 22:22 #23 dennis walusimbi

    Cpt thanks for the great work you did back home and your continued dedication to the cause;we are pround of you.PFC WALUSIMBI DENNIS.(US ARMY)

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:37 Lukiah

      Dear PFC Walusimbi,
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. The sickle cell battle continues and I am waiting for you to exterminate sickle cell suffering in Uganda.
      Peace, Lukiah

      Reply to this comment
  24. Mugisha Benon
    October 26, 04:47 #24 Mugisha Benon

    Great people like you are not common so let God be with you in all what you are doing! stay well with your family

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 13, 05:45 Lukiah

      Dear Benon,
      Everything is possible with God’s love. With his blessing, sickle cell will one day be history in Uganda.

      Reply to this comment
    October 26, 08:26 #25 PAWLEYNE YEKO

    Lukiah!!! your very inspirational! , may God reward you abundantly, cos they are some people who have everythng including wealth but they can never help the helpless.keep on keeping on.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:05 Lukiah

      Dear Yeko,
      Thank you for your kind words. God has been so good to me. Through the pain and suffering of our dear daughter’s sickle cell experience. I know what it means to have a little one sick and ill all the time! I will strive to end the suffering caused by sickle cell disease in Uganda.

      Reply to this comment
  26. Frank Tibagendeka
    October 27, 11:44 #26 Frank Tibagendeka

    Thank you so much all the stake holders of this program. Your great work will ever be remembered us as Ugandans. May God reward you and grant more wisdom to you in all things. Amen.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:34 Lukiah

      Dear Frank,
      God is making HIS way to save his little ones affected by sickle cell in Uganda. We are grateful that our fellow Ugandans are joining hands to eradicate the suffering caused by this disorder in Uganda community. Thank you for your kind words.

      Reply to this comment
  27. Esther Mulindwa
    October 28, 01:09 #27 Esther Mulindwa

    Dear Lukiah and Mulumba
    Hope you are doing well. I have been looking for you all these years.
    I have checked the website.. Thank you soooo much for what you have done for Sickle cell kids in Uganda. I have my cousin who gave birth to three sickle cell kids. here in Uganda. Two have died and one is remaining. Your work is hope for Uganda.

    Esther Mulindwa

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:32 Lukiah

      Hi Esther,
      It is nice to hear from you. I hope one day your cousin find hope and peace. As a mother to a sickle cell survivor, I have to tell you, it was not easy caring for a sickle cell child! I understand and pray that your cousin be strong. Our prayers go out to her.
      Peace, Lukiah

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    • Esther Nakanwagi Mulindwa
      August 26, 06:11 Esther Nakanwagi Mulindwa

      Dear Lukiah
      This Esther Sanyu s sister. It has been a while since I last talked to you. Am so happy for you and Mr Mulumba for what you are doing for our Country Uganda. May God bless you. See you then.

      Reply to this comment
  28. Angelo Okwairwoth
    October 28, 11:30 #28 Angelo Okwairwoth

    The world today need people like you Officer Mulumba. I am proud of your effort and continue to pray, God helps your effort to help those who have no way for themselves. I will continue to remember you in my Prayer.
    God bless you.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:29 Lukiah

      Hello Angelo,
      Thank you so much for your prayers. It is a very difficult “sickle cell battle”
      God bless you,

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  29. kankiriho
    October 31, 06:25 #29 kankiriho

    GOD bless you captain you are one in a million

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:28 Lukiah

      Thank you,
      We need God’s blessing as continue this battle with “sickle cell in Uganda”

      Reply to this comment
  30. Selina
    November 09, 16:07 #30 Selina

    This is wonderful and very encouraging. Congratulations on your achievements and I am glad that your good work is paying off and also being recognized

    Reply to this comment
    • sekyewa
      November 10, 14:02 sekyewa

      well done

      Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:27 Lukiah

      Hello Selina,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Apart from the recognition, it is the idea of preventing the lives claimed by sickle cell in Uganda and the rest of Africa due to negligence. We continue to pray to God to touch those in higher leadership to include sickle cell as a health priority.

      Reply to this comment
  31. Edris Kizito
    November 16, 08:57 #31 Edris Kizito

    This is very inspirational and a great motivator for us all. Blessings to you, your family, Uganda and the world at large.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:07 Lukiah

      Dear Mr. Kizito,
      Thank you for the support. Our dear people in Uganda need our support. The kids are so much in pain! I hope once day, God will hear our prayers and sickle cell suffering will be history in Uganda and in the world.

      Reply to this comment
  32. Hellen Nyongesa
    November 17, 13:29 #32 Hellen Nyongesa

    When I first read your story, I got hope for my daughter who is living with sickle cell condition – now 20 years. You can imagine the struggle we have had to go through – it has been hard. God bless you for the good job you are doing.
    Please lobbly for insurance cover for our children with this condition – a great challenge in Kenya….

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:18 Lukiah

      Dear Nyongesa,
      I understand your pain! I am praying for you! I don’t even want to imagine what you and your loved one go through. My daughter almost passed away at the age of 7. She was so sick from sickle cell and its complications. I hate to hear the word “sickle cell” I am so sorry that we parents have to live our entire life in anxiety and fear. I am glad your loved one is now 20 and doing well. Please keep loving her. Please keep God your best friend. Also make sure you are in her business during her doctor’s appointment. Also make sure you know whatever step her doctor is taking to care for her. My goal is to open a center in Uganda and then East AFfrica where doctors can come form US and Europe to volunteer and give us support towards sickle cell management and even cure including bonemarrow transplant. Next is to lobby for medical insurance for all childrren with sickle cell anemia. God is aware of our “requirement list” I have been talking to quite a few mothers in Kenay and Tanzania. I know, one day. We will overcome. God bless you!

      Reply to this comment
  33. Lydia Kuteesa
    November 18, 02:01 #33 Lydia Kuteesa

    Dear Mrs. Mulumba, this is really inspiring and having some one who can think and have a heart like yours is rare! For me am proud to have a family member like you! God bless you my auntie. Being a long time since we last saw each other, but now reading about you on the globe is something am very happy about. Our people back home should read this. Iam printing a copy and will give it to your dad and my mum Sophie to see what you are doing just in case they haven’t. They will be very proud!! We thank God for the life of your loving daughter, Carol and for having healed of a deadly disease, like you said, in ?Uganda, having sickle cell is stigmatised and raising awareness in the way you are doing will definitely make a change.


    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 18, 02:27 Lukiah

      Mukwano Lydia,
      It is about 20 years since I last saw you. Your message means alot to me. I am glad you are doing well. Auntie told me that you got married. Lydia Carol “Marriam” is cured but I still experience the fear!. At times I wake up dreaming that she has sickle cell again. I dont think your uncle “my dad” and auntie all understood how severe Carol’s illness was. I don’t know if they realized what I wnet through because I never told them alot due to fear of threatening them. They all loved me so much that no one wanted to believe that Carol was suffering from sickle cell. I therefore returned my prayers to God, my husband and the medical team. It was hard and difficult!!. This is the reason I want to reach out to the dear children in Uganda. Lydia, I love God so much that I cannot dissapoint him. He has been good to my family. I hope to see you on December 29th at Serena hotel, Kampala. Love, love your cousin Lukiah.

      Reply to this comment
  34. Mukiibi Dan Situuke
    November 28, 01:42 #34 Mukiibi Dan Situuke

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Mulumba, Please keep it to yourselves that you are God’s Angels covered in the “Lukiah & Abdullah” image. I pray that God guides you further to implement and fulfil his work through your hands.
    Your family background has really supported your inspirations and I’m very confident that Mariam is gonna be an eye opener to the world in regard this deadly disease.
    “The purpose of life, is to be useful to your community”

    God bless you always!

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 21:59 Lukiah

      Dear Mr. Mukiibi,
      Thank you for your kind words. We are grateful to God that we can reach out to those battling sickle cell anemia. Thank you so much for your kind words and God’s prayers. We hope one day all the children and people affected by this disorder especially our angels in Uganda will live a health free of sickle cell torture. Please join us as we celebrate the 29th of December Diaspora event. At this time, sickle cell will again be recognized. Also, we will celebrate sickle cell Christmas and New Year’s party at old Mulago sickle cell clinic on December 31st. If you will be in Uganda, please feel free to join us. God bless you,

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  35. Cyprian sserunkuuma
    November 28, 03:50 #35 Cyprian sserunkuuma

    Kapmadike mu Luganda, Olina okwebazanga enyo KATONDA anti kyeyakukolera kyali kyamanyi, ate wano awaffe bangi baffa nga tebasobodde kuffuna kuyambibwa okwo elwembera yananasi abegwanyiza buli kamu nga basa mu nsawo zabwe, ( ba sita kange), era nobuyambi abwo bwonna bwosubira okuwereza kuno okwamwe berra mbweandereza alwabalyake abazzukulu ba Nambi nga tebafayo ku balala, singa abazungu abo abakuyamba nga bwe wabadde eggulo ku Sunga ku Bukudde TV, tebalina mutima gulumirwa balala ewalisobodde kutasa mwna oyo, ,ate nikiraiara webale butekuluntaza nga werabira olulimi lwewayonka mu bbere,lowokuba nga oli mitala wa mayanja, ( obuymbi bwonna bwokunganyiza abana ba Uganda walibuyisiza mu Banaddini abakussomesa, byonna abe Namugongo nga bwewabatenze anti bo basalawo okuleka bino byonn aebiyita obuyisi ebyenz=si nebemalira ku kuyamba abana Bomukama.

    Webale nyo webalire ddala

    NdI Cyprian Sserunkuuma

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:07 Lukiah

      Sebbo mwami Serunkuma,
      Webale nnyo sebbo message yo. MUKAMA tumwebaza buli lukedde olwo mwana eyawona. Ela Marriam yali atufuddeko. Ela kyanaku nnyo okulaba nga abayinawo tebafayo kubaana abalwadde ba sickle cell.
      Sebbo mukama yatuwa ate ela yatujyako. Ffe emikisa jyava wa Katonda wamu na bazadde nabbo abe Namugongo wamu ne Uganda. Tetuyinza kwelabila jyetwava. Ela twasubiza mukama okukyusa embela ya sickle cell, Uganda. Sebbo webale tuwandikilako. Mukama akume owendiga munange.
      Lukiah (owe Ndiga)

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  36. Shierry Mukiibi
    November 29, 04:46 #36 Shierry Mukiibi

    Your so sweet lady,i saw u last sunday on bukedde TV(omuntu wa bantu) but i was so touched en impressed with all your story,yo really a courageous lady, thx so much for dat struggle dear, and for not forgeting yo mother country keep that heart…God Bless u and ze entire family..Opssss bakukuza bulungi nnyo..even ze way u tok…wooow!!..grtngs to yo sweet gal Mariam

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:19 Lukiah

      Hello Ms. Mukiibi,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I am grateful to God that people affected by sickle cell in the world and especially in Uganda will always be dear to us! Marriam’s experience with sickle cell was unbearable for any child, mother, or dad to experience. For that reason, we made a commitment to God to strive and change the FACE of sickle cell anemia in Uganda. Yes it was a battle field with sickle cell. BUT we have to continue that battle field in our native country Uganda. And I believe, one day, God will make away for sickle cell kids in the world to live a bearable “good” health. I am glad you enjoyed the program “Omuntu wa Bantu”. If you are in Uganda, please join us at the sickle cell children’s party celebrating Christmas and New year’s at Mulago sickle cell Clinic.

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  37. Dave Richards mutasa
    November 30, 10:39 #37 Dave Richards mutasa


    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      November 30, 22:21 Lukiah

      Hello Mr. Mutasa,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. The sickle cell battle in Uganda continues…
      God bless you

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  38. Elias Twesigye.
    December 03, 04:01 #38 Elias Twesigye.

    capt.Lukiah take heart z lord is not a human being to lie, he healed mirriam by
    “faith” read z bk of mark in many instances of a liprosy lady, blind Batimaeus. And my sissy the moment u develop fear u will have empowered z devil & u will have doughted yr faith. Always pray & curse out bad dreams & proclaim on the many u
    have given life thru z project c’se the lord counts that alot.
    lets pray for each other.
    Am in Iraq at the time at camp union 3(IZ) serving yr army as a guard but everything is good.
    Be blessed & lets keep in touch.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      December 06, 16:41 Lukiah

      Dear Elias,

      Thank you for serving the Army! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. God has been so good to us and we continue to do HIM work every day. The heeling of Marriam through scientific procedures and the POWER OF GOD remain a miracle. My brother, rest assured that “fear has no place in our family” There is no chance for the devil. There are so many people who are battling sickle cell. With the love of God and prayers from people like you, sickle cell suffering in Uganda and the rest of the world will change. Lukiah.

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  39. Katongole Isaac
    December 04, 07:24 #39 Katongole Isaac

    Thanks for all what your doing for your home country in the fight against SCD, you really inspire many.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      December 06, 16:33 Lukiah

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We hope our story can help change the face of sickle cell in Uganda.

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  40. alicia
    December 06, 11:15 #40 alicia

    Am a mother who has had 5 sicklers,can you imagine the pain i have gone and go through.i have lost 2 so far.Lukia you have given us hope that one day our children can also be blessed with healing,Am sure there other Ugandans out there who have been healed but cannot share May God bless you for having a good heart. My prayer everyday that God gives wisdom to doctors to get medicine that can help our children,because we suffer a lot,we live in pain,and fear.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      December 06, 16:32 Lukiah

      I totally understand. The struggles, fears, and challenges that comes along with the sickle cell monster are unspeakable. My family decided to share hoping that our story will bring hope to people like you. I am thinking of you and will keep your dear ones in prayers. Stay strong! I know and understand it is difficult sometimes but God cannot give us what we cannot handle. We are the BEST mothers for these kinds. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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  41. Angel
    December 12, 00:58 #41 Angel

    Hello Capt. Lukiah Mulumba,

    I am so grateful for all your effort you have put to help fight and sensitize people about Sickle cell anaemia, and giving hope to people to fight and know that they can live with sickle cell for longer years. My name is Kimera Angel Muwonge, I have sickle cell, I read about your Daughter (Carol)’s story and condition and I still can’t believe the story, because I didn’t know that someone can totally be Healed from this disease, and to me it’s a miracle. A miracle that I wish for the rest of US, though I can say that God has also done a miracle on my side because I had been told that I will not reach the 20 years that I have now, And though I have missed a part of my teenage life and School because of the untimed sicknesses and attacks, I have to be so grateful to God and my Mum who has been with me through all this time doing everything to give me a life, and with a few knowledge about the disease and a few medications, we have been able to fight the disease till date and I would not wish to tell you how much we have suffered because of the little knowledge and the pain I have lived with all these years, and as I read Carol’s story, you and Carol are really lucky to have won this battle and thank you for wishing us the same by putting up the UASCRF organization, to help people who don’t have any knowledge about sickle cell.
    Here (in Uganda)there is not much attention given to sickle cell patients and it really hates because so many people with sickle cell anaemia don’t even know that a person can live with sickle cell and grow old just like a normal person, sickle cell patients especially people who cannot afford going to good hospitals face a lot of problems just because they don’t know what to do and even sometimes they die not because its their time but because they don’t know what to do, such people really need to be helped that’s why I was so happy when I found your website, helping sensitizing people with sickle cell anemia and I would like to be part of this Good cause because I believe so much has to be done helping and giving hope to people especially young children and they know that they are not alone in this fight.
    I have read a few articles on the UASCRF website but I would like to know more about the organization and if I can become a volunteer with it and help giving hope to my brothers and sisters out there suffering with this terrible disease, and I would also like to get more knowledge about sickle cell too and if I can never get a chance like Carol’s, I would like to learn to live with it and find comfort in people like me. And once again thank you for your kind heart.

    I believe that God has kept me for 20 years for a reason and to me I just wanna thank him by giving a helping hand to people like me and that’s why I have been searching the internet for people who believe that people with sickle cell need help.

    I will be so grateful to hear from you Capt.Mulumba,
    K. M. Angel, Kampala.
    Thank you very much.

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  42. Romano Adubango,
    December 12, 01:55 #42 Romano Adubango,


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  43. Elias Twesigye.
    December 29, 04:05 #43 Elias Twesigye.

    capt. how is z family & miliam.
    Hope Xmas holidays were fine. happy new year. I had it in z desert.
    It’s almost another year sister I pray to God to keep u update for z great work he has made u offer to our motherland and to provide u z rightful people to serve with
    for z projects success.
    Keep blessed and lets continue to pray 4 each other.

    Reply to this comment
  44. Christine Semambo Sempebwa
    December 29, 17:58 #44 Christine Semambo Sempebwa

    Dear Captain Likiah,

    Yours is a story, so human and so inspiring. I was greatly honoured to be there as you received an ward that you so, so deserve. May God bless the work of your hands as you help the so many people out there.

    Christine Semambo-Sempebwa

    Reply to this comment
    January 03, 01:28 #45 JAYHALEM

    Reading your story and finding it to be your inspiration is something that draws admiration from me. Personally i am in awe. Organizations such as yours are what we need for a stronger and neglected population. It is reaching out and preserving the innocence of children that needs to be prioritized. I am speechless and all i can say is may God continue to bless you and give you the strength you need to carry on with this cross that many have found a burden worth dumping.

    Thank you kindly

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  46. Elias Twesigye
    April 07, 16:16 #46 Elias Twesigye

    Captain Lukiah it has been a carpal of months but am happy that the fire is still
    burning. Hope miriam & z family okey. Mine also fine but am still in z desert.
    Happy Easter.

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  47. Gabazira Nathan
    April 08, 12:47 #47 Gabazira Nathan

    Dear Captain Lukiah,Realy i honour,respect and thank you alot for the support you did of opening up a special place treating siclecelled people.I do thank God alot for giving you that heart of remembering your home.I know many people will be helped in various ways ie many will get employment and sicklecelled will be admited to better services.Lastly i would like to get some advice from you,of how i can get employment over there.Iam doing my Diplomer in Cival engineering(in building).I started my career from a certificate in a technical instution and right now iam already a builder by profesion.Am just upgrading in the same field.THANKS AND MAY ALMAITY BLESS YOU TOGETHER WITH YOUR FAMILY.

    Reply to this comment
  48. Tibaingana Herbert
    August 05, 08:52 #48 Tibaingana Herbert

    Hello, Capt. Lukia,
    Great to hear and read about the amazing work you do. However there are many parents out there that leave a hopeless life with their children suffering frequent attacks of sickle cell crises. How can they really cope even when they can not afford the bills for surgery? How can we learn from you? Is it possible to contact you and learn more about SCD especially if diagnosed in children as early as less than one year. May God bless you and your family.

    Reply to this comment
  49. Lukiah
    August 31, 02:47 #49 Lukiah

    Hello Hebert,

    Thank you for the comments. Please feel free to email us back at:
    Thank you

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  50. Tumusiime Ronald
    September 22, 13:22 #50 Tumusiime Ronald

    aha…. what can i surely say?
    Thank you Jesus. en people keep on the struggle.
    Thx to you to.

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  51. Rogers Nsubuga
    October 04, 05:18 #51 Rogers Nsubuga

    Thanks for your commitment, dedication and generosity. May God bless both of you, Mr and Mrs Mulumba with your family. I will write to you a personal letter for

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      December 07, 13:50 Lukiah

      God is our guide as we struggle to change the face of sickle cell in Uganda. I hope one day, our people will live to utilize the medical care necessary for those affected by sickle cell anemia in Uganda.

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  52. keneth
    November 29, 09:28 #52 keneth

    hullo capt . it is great and wonderful if we could get people like you who have passed thru such situations. and come out to help those ill sick helpless people . the reward for you and you fellow comrades of US air force you have inspired me . my God bless you .and let those programs move even out of Kampala. and reach the locals who can not even afford one hundred shilling to buy a panado tablet.we expect allot from you people .

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      December 07, 13:47 Lukiah

      Dear Keneth,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. The kids and people affected by sickle cell will celebrate end of year and Christmas sickle cell party at Mulago Nurses hostel ground in a beutiful colorful environment. We are planning on entertaining about 400 -600 children with their loved ones. When you talk about GOD and blessings, we are blessed to be able to organize a successful party for these little ones. As you have read my story, I am determined to make a change and bring hope to those affected by sickle cell in Uganda. Once again, your support, courage, and GOD’s love keeps us going.

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  53. Rose Brown
    May 05, 21:32 #53 Rose Brown

    Wawoo, breath taking.
    God bless you Lukiah and the work of your hands.
    We wish success in your upcoming conference.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      August 05, 20:15 Lukiah

      Dear Rose,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

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  54. Tumushabe B James
    May 24, 14:02 #54 Tumushabe B James

    Capt Lukiah, Glory and honor be to the Might for the gracious Love and care he has rendered to us and most especially to the people like you.We do thank the Lord broad bse it is his will that has offered you courage and strength. Capt People like you are very few to encounter and for our dear land Uganda we pray God Guids you in every endeavors of your life. God make a way for for you and have your ambitions come to pass. Capt thank you so much for LOVING your Country Uganda. God Bless you

    Reply to this comment
    • Lukiah
      August 05, 20:30 Lukiah

      Dear James,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. May God continue to bless us and the work of our hands. I love Uganda and the people of Uganda especially the sickle cell community. The first sickle cell conference was a success in Uganda. Over 4000 people attended. Thank God for Mr. Kibiirige and BMK Group of companies for sponsoring the first sickle cell conference. Once again, thank you for your support and courage!


      Reply to this comment
  55. Grace
    May 24, 16:49 #55 Grace

    Thank you so much. Your life is inspiring to me especially in times when i feel i miss home. I know it pays off at the end. You have just inspired me to hang on in especially in difficult times. God bless you and your family.

    Reply to this comment
  56. sarah laker
    May 27, 09:16 #56 sarah laker

    Thank you so much mulumba. You have brought hope to my life. Iam a single parent with 2 sicklers! One is 7yrs 10months and another 4yrs five months now. My husband left me 4yrs ago and married another woman because the ones i bore with him were all sickers! we were both carriers which we didnot know! Iam in and out of hospital. When they get the pain, i cry in the house but what helps me is my faith in God. I remember one day when they were diagonised with the disease, i got poison and iwanted to take my life with the kids and die but a still small voice talked to me and said i still love u, l care and cast your burdens unto me and i shall give u rest! From that day on, i always thank God for the gift of my children. every thing that happens in this life, happens for a reason. I know God shall make a way for their total healing one day. I have given up all my life to helping sickle cell patients in my community, I counsel them, the parents and even those that have not yet gotten married to first test.Some parents call me for advise and assistance when their kids get the crisis. Right now, iam writing a project proposal that hopefully will save many lives! I also want to go back and do a nursing course that will help me nurse sicklers better.I do alot of research about the sickle cell disease, first aid,treatment.

    I will for ever remain thanful to my family for the support. Sometimes they sacrifice and spend the nights in the hospital while iam away on duty. To God be the glory great things he has done!


    Reply to this comment
  57. Kizito Evans
    August 04, 06:27 #57 Kizito Evans

    Munange Captain Mulumba, Nebaza Mukama olwebyo byonna byoyisemu wamu ne family yo olwa muwala wamwe, but i need your help on how i can join U.S Army, I believe if i join i will be able to change my community as you do. I served in Iraq for two years with different Units under Private security companies. God bless you so much for what you are doing along with your family.

    Reply to this comment
  58. Ngobi Moses Mathias
    June 18, 02:08 #58 Ngobi Moses Mathias

    Dear Captain,

    Just read about the UASCRF advert in the monitor publications of Wed 18.06.2014 about the 2nd Annual SC Conference to be held at hotel Africana on 19.06.2014.

    I just want to say THANK YOU for all your are doing for all the people who need the much needed help especially wano ewaka waffe mu Uganda.

    May God richly Bless you, your family and all the people that partner with you.

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  59. dog
    August 29, 23:32 #59 dog

    I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This post posted at
    this website is actually pleasant.

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  60. Cyprian Sserunkuuma
    September 16, 05:16 #60 Cyprian Sserunkuuma

    I once again greet you and salute you Major, last Sunday we celebrated the feast of the cross on which Jesus Christ was nail, In the old testament we read in the book of numbers 21: 9.When the Israelites on there trek to the holy land from Egypt always they were impatient complaining to GOD that in Egypt we used to eat meat and live it there , but now we are dying because of having No food , ,GOD became angry with them and he sends venomous snakes who ever was bitten by it , he died.
    They went to Moses to plead for them, he also in turn went and talk to GOD that your people are dying, please change your mind, GOD told him to make a bronze snake and put in on a combined piece of wood like a cross and who ever bitten by a snake and look an it will live.
    In our day Jesus on the Cross is our HERO, your have a paid job and officers under your command but you decide to start the crusade of fighting sickle cells, your LOVE to the suffering with sickle cells is lisened hight on the pole and who ever will rise her eyes to you will be healed with the might of GOD, what a friend this earthly world have the answer is Major Lukia Mulumba.
    GOD gives you more and more every day AMIINA.

    Cyprian Sserunkuuma

    Reply to this comment
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  62. knulla första gången
    September 18, 02:12 #62 knulla första gången

    Vi erbjuder dig kontakter med tusentals sexiga singlar och ρar.
    Snrt kommer du att hitta tjejer eller killar som vill hha exakt vad Ԁu
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  74. aguti faridah and luyiro bulhan
    December 18, 04:54 #74 aguti faridah and luyiro bulhan

    hi captain lukia am farida an bulhan in uganda we greatly thank u 4 wat u have done 4 ours and may God[allah] grant u da best in life an make u b est an sucessful lady in dis world . and another thing is we wish u a merry xmas and ahappy new year we lov u so much. our EMAIL[} nyc day

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  75. keith
    August 24, 14:06 #75 keith

    hi major Mulumba , its such a great honor to be your friend and being my mentor because you shown the world that also Africans can have love for the united states and also love and care for the people suffering with sickle- cells .. i also pray that my the almighty guides you in all what your doing because the world will always remember all good things you have done for people suffering with sickle-cells. THANKS.

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  76. Nash Ruth
    November 18, 03:32 #76 Nash Ruth

    Dear captain Lu Kiah Mulumba am so happy to hear such nice words because our parents died and left us with two siblings a boy and a girl unfortunate all died of sickle cells but am so happy at least there is UN organization in Uganda but how to be connected to such the organization.

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  77. asaba joy
    April 03, 21:14 #77 asaba joy

    Pliz God uplift our ugandan health sector standards so dat we can kick the SCD out of our country children are horribly suffering! Oh nooo!

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  82. Jane
    August 31, 23:45 #82 Jane

    Thank you cpt Mulunga. Your story is so inspiring and I wish I can meet you soon. I am Nigerian and have a child with sickle cell disease. Its really depressing and I am working towards coming to the US. I really would like my son to become free of the ailment too Ma. Thank you

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  83. Josh
    April 07, 05:04 #83 Josh

    Dear Maj.Lukia,

    I have recently been contacted by a well wisher about a young girl that needs an urgent bone marrow transplant.The family can’t afford and are stuck.Kindly advise how she can be helped.Thanks.Joshua.

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  84. Robert
    August 24, 04:05 #84 Robert

    I want to talk to you in person,

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  85. Namutebi Juliet
    August 30, 10:39 #85 Namutebi Juliet

    Dear Dr.Lukia, i highly give Honour to God for;
    For the gify ofbyour life right away from Uganda to the US!!!

    For the gift of your “Right Rib” Mr.Mulumba, who seen as a good husband and a good father!!!

    For the gift of a good Family, happily with joyous children!!!

    For the Great gift of the Fruits of the family, your golden children!!!

    The Gift of the Life of Carol with His tremendous support and health care.We thank God for her life.

    For your Brave decissions as a woman;
    Your tremendous decission of joining the US army!Really you inspired me!!!

    And for your spirit of nationalism for the needy sickle cell patients in mother land UG.

    Nnyabo carry on the courage. May the Glory be to God.

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