Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event 2011

Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event 2011

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Press Release: Celebrating Ugandans in the Diaspora ~ The Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event 2011 ~ 29th,  December 2011

On December 29th, 2011, and for the very first time in our Country’s history, the immense contribution to the Pearl of Africa from those Ugandans living outside The Motherland will be officially recognized. The Uganda Investment Authority, the Diaspora Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ugandans in the Diaspora, will celebrate together in the first ever Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event.

Interacting at the event will be Ugandans who have settled all over the world; and their compatriots who live at home. Experiences between the two groups will not be limited to any specific theme – but with the recognition that remittances from abroad are the second largest source of financial resources to Uganda. This constituency is also a major contributor to diaspora tourism and real estate developments in and around Kampala.

According to the New Vision newspaper, an August 2010 report indicates that in 2008, remittences amounted to about $ 723 m [approx. 5% of Uganda’s gross domestic product (GDP)].

In addition to this, Ugandans in the Diaspora are entrepreneurs, diplomats, tourists, academicians, agents of technology transfer and also, philanthropists. In this way, the Diaspora Social Networking Event will celebrate the Ugandan expatriate workforce as a theme by bringing their expertise, ideas and talent to a formal forum where an evening of entertainment will envelop the award ceremony. Social Media and live video streaming will ensure that those who cannot make it from the Diaspora are present in both body and soul.

The entertainment will feature some of Uganda’s best Fashion designers living in the Diaspora, Models and entertainment groups – Local artistes like Isaiah Katumwa, Nick Nola, Charlie King, Terry Devos, Perfect Generation, Michael Ross, Swahili Nation as well as Diaspora artists like Zani and Pssozi will be in attendance. Steve Jean’s Fenon Entertainment – will provide the quintessential backdrop at the Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall.

This event is slated for December 29, 2011 at the Serena Hotel in Kampala.
Tickets will be on sale to the general public for 60,000/=.

Give us a call at these Numbers if you are in Uganda: 0773212007 or 0703999898   and at 703 380 9468  if you are in the Diaspora. Email Contact:

Dr. Maggie Kigozi,
Former Executive Director, Uganda Investment Authority

Government Liaison
Bati Kawooya,
Head of the Diaspora Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Event Planner
Ronnie Mayanja
Uganda Diaspora Incorporated

Media Manager: Solomon W. Jagwe
Coordinator and Uganda Liaison: Doris Miti

The Ugandan Diaspora Event is held in proud association with:

The Uganda Investment Authority | The Diaspora Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Housing and Construction Corporation | DFCU Bank | Tullow Oil
Housing Finance | Orange Uganda Limited | Ethiopian Airlines | Serena Hotel
Fenon Entertainment | Dahabshill | Uganda Air Cargo | Serene Suites
Woodstone Developments | Centenary Bank | Crown Beverages Limited/Pepsi | East African Breweries Ltd | The Vision Group

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About Article Author

Ugandan Diaspora Team
Ugandan Diaspora Team

The Uganda Diaspora Network is a forum aimed at bringing together Ugandans who live and work abroad by celebrating their contributions overseas and also encouraging them to give of their time, talents, ideas and expertise whilst inspiring the next generation of Ugandan leaders. Every year the Ugandan Diaspora Network will organize an annual Social Networking Gala and will also produce a quarterly publication highlighting the successes of the various Ugandans residing overseas. Please send us those inspirational stories and philanthropic work involving Ugandans abroad. We shall share these stories using this platform that is rapidly growing and expanding. The Next Diaspora Social Networking Gala will be Held on 30th December 2016 at The Kampala Serena Hotel.

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  1. Daniel Chege
    May 02, 11:37 #1 Daniel Chege

    My name is Mr.Daniel Chege and I am originally from Kenya. I am so happy to see positive Ugandans in the diaspora come collectively to uplift their own people through technology. I foresee some political turmoil in the near future and I hate to see innocent blood being spilled by ignorant people in power that are selfish and instead of empowering the people, they oppress them. Teaching Social Media to people will give them skills to start their own businesses online and have enough money to support their families and not turn to stealing just to feed their family. As an experienced Web designer and SEO ( Search engine optimization ) Analyst myself I know this can be done.

    Let God bring Prosperity back to Africa.

    To your Success,

    – Mr.Daniel Chege.

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  2. Mike
    May 03, 07:19 #2 Mike

    Great stuff, enjoy more events on

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  3. Chris Simbwa
    July 17, 18:52 #3 Chris Simbwa

    Dual citzenship is something that the govt should not overlook as alot of ug’n talents is in the diaspora and it should not be left to vanish,it will improve on the professionalism and development as people should be left to have dual citzenships.

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  4. sirhustler
    September 26, 06:56 #4 sirhustler

    Am sirhustler an artist from kenya representing east african to the fullest, Big up to all the fance.

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  5. Fred owomugisha
    October 24, 02:35 #5 Fred owomugisha

    Yes this is a great idea, would like to be part of it in a way. we need to bring back what we have acquired out of the pearl and together we can advance even more.
    Proud Ugandan.

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  6. Rose Nakanwagi
    November 03, 05:34 #6 Rose Nakanwagi


    May God reward you and bless you so much. You are God sent to Uganda. We are so proud of you. We would never have known all these great people doing great things overs seas morover they all have Ugandan roots. Thank you and your team.

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  7. DJ Bernarzo
    November 07, 23:52 #7 DJ Bernarzo

    Keep up the good work. Proud of you.

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    • henry
      December 05, 00:49 henry

      Brilliance at its best.Uganda needs its creme for growth and development.U guys have a great stake in the nation but only choose to pay lip service!!!!!!!!!!
      .Pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz get more involved.Uganda is for all of us

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  8. Adhima
    November 13, 21:56 #8 Adhima

    I am so happy for this event, I wish I could be there, I miss Uganda so much. This is one of the most important things that we need not only in Uganda but in the whole continent of Africa, I can’t wait to come back home. I am an African child forever. One love U.G.

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  9. Patrick Oyulu
    November 26, 19:59 #9 Patrick Oyulu

    …Awesome website, flashy, easy on the eyes…and dynamic. Good work the Ugandan Diaspora is doing in bringing Ugandans together, and more especially to network on issues affecting the Pearl Of Africa, and also unite us culturally.

    Keep up the good work, this is a great medium…and lets all support this.

    For God and My Country!

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  10. joseph bagenyi
    November 26, 23:06 #10 joseph bagenyi

    I think who ever started this idea of ugandans in diaspora to meet back home was a brilliant ,we don’t meet much while abroad, so we need to seat togather and know each other, more especially if there is no political interference

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  11. nagwega henry
    November 30, 11:53 #11 nagwega henry

    For real Uganda is a pearl of Africa. I like that keep it up …………………………………………………………………….

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  12. Kigozi Moses
    December 03, 12:49 #12 Kigozi Moses

    Good idea, but also people in diaspora should start an investment club here in Uganda
    to help those people who work hard and end up coming back here empty handed,
    exhausted but have nothing to show,most people fail to invest their hard earned money because of the fear of their untrusted relatives who end up murdering them to avoid accountability of what was sent to them.

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  13. kisatu herbert
    December 07, 04:53 #13 kisatu herbert

    that’s the way we can progress Ugandan youths by exposing them to the Ugandan great brains. i love it and do my best to be there

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  14. Ruth
    January 02, 12:06 #14 Ruth

    Dr Edwards, i have read up on you.

    Your story is so inspirational. You do us good.i am a London based Detective Constable (born Uganda) we are so proud of you.

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  15. James Bill Ochamgiu
    May 16, 04:38 #15 James Bill Ochamgiu

    Ensure that your government is transparent and puts your contributions into proper national development agendas. Investment in Africa can be rather tricky with high rate of corruption in some countries like Uganda. You network is recommended. Treat as part of you but with a pluralistic political ambition with high respect on human rights and upholding its subsiquent fundamentals.

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  16. Rahim
    August 26, 09:55 #16 Rahim

    This website was started buy a Ugandan studying in India. We are still working on it, we hope to do out part in re-branding Africa. Your feedback is welcome.

    ADH Team.

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  17. Richard Sebadduka (aka Mr.Flava)
    November 15, 16:20 #17 Richard Sebadduka (aka Mr.Flava)

    I am Richard Sebadduka a talent manager and an event manager by profession I am so proud being a Ugandan you people are doing a great job coming back to show us that east or west home is based. Such brilliant ideas can last forever once we all combine and make Uganda proud to the rest of the world as we make our talents shine. Keep up the spirit.


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  18. Sherry
    July 14, 12:07 #18 Sherry

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